Getting Over the Election

Have you noticed that the news has been… hard to handle lately?

Do you sense in your being how the world is more violent, or corrupt, and people are more angry than ever before?

Do you notice yourself becoming more sensitive to the emotions, more vulnerable to the pain of others, feeling more helpless when tragedy is reported (all too often)?

Are you looking for people who are trying to add light, healing, and shift the emotional heaviness?

For me, and those I’ve been talking with lately, we’re answering, “all of the above.” I feel simultaneously called to service and trying to be clear about my own emotions verses those vibrating around me.

meditation_for_healing-270x410Running the monthly Reiki Circle has shown me (and everyone who has been there) that the energetic power of a group is exponentially stronger than trying to shine a little light into the darkness alone. 

Think about this: if times were peaceful and easy, would we feel so called to help? Would we feel motivated to seek out ways to strengthen our intuition and powers for healing? Maybe not.

Now is the time of need, and now is the time for those of us who feel called to grow and shine to be ready.

I’m looking for that group. Some have stepped forward. We have room for a few more to complete the circle. The group is called the Lightworkers Intensive. For nine months, starting Sunday, January 8th, six people will be in training together.

This training is offered online, twice per month, and includes advanced learning and practice in energy healing, distance healing, manifesting, working with guides and angels, energetic protection, increasing intuition, and more. Only six people will be admitted to this group, because the intimate setting is essential for creating the most exponential growth in skills and abilities.

If you are called, now is the time. Don’t let this opportunity pass, because it won’t be offered again for close to a year. Don’t let this opportunity slip away like sand through fingers. 

By the way, if money is an issue, contact us. There are options. We’re here to help. The world needs us. This is the training to get us ready.

Are you ready to expand your light? This is the group for you.

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