Free Starbucks for Your Thoughts

Dear Healers and Seekers,

This is Alice.
A coffee/ tea for your thoughts?

One of the important things that we need for self-care is creative time. Being creative helps with release of stress, and it’s healing to the sacral chakra. Yet, for busy people, and for those who feel overwhelmed by world events, creativity is often the first to be ignored.

I recently created two apps to give me a quick way to get in a creative moment each day, and save my thoughts for reflection later.

One is called My Daily Haiku. It allows me to type in and save a quick 17-syllable poem (it doesn’t rhyme!) on whatever’s on my mind. There are directions, and each can be saved, shared, downloaded, or deleted. In progress is an edit function upgrade.

The other is called Reflective Moments. This one gives a prompt that can be answered in a phrase or sentence. This app offers a chance to take a moment for gratitude, or to record and remember something you were thinking about, reading about, or noticed. The responses can be saved, shared, downloaded, or deleted. You can easily download an ebook of your responses with one click. It’s addictive and also offers quality creative time in 30 seconds.

I’m looking for people to try the apps and leave a review. I also want to know if you find the apps fun, useful, and enjoyable. So, here’s my offer! 

If you purchase, play, and review either app, I’ll buy and send you a $5 Starbucks gift card to enjoy your favorite tea or coffee (or pastry!) on me. The apps are $1.99 and $2.99, respectively, so I hope that you’ll consider yourself compensated if you take me up on my offer.

My Daily Haiku and Reflective Moments are both available for Android in the Google Play Store here.

Reflective Moments is also available for iOS devices here in the iTunes store.

If you do get an app, test it, and review, please email me with the link to the review you posted. Send your email to I’ll use that email to send your reward.

Thank you and enjoy your app and drink to follow!


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