Easiest Way to Meditate

A guest post by Terri Schaffer

meditation_for_healing-270x410Meditation is the avenue to the divine order of your life! Most of us do not take the time to do such an important thing for ourselves. It seems that the collective thought is that it takes too much time and there is so much to do to prepare for this moment. In reality, you can meditate anywhere at any time.

So how do you incorporate this quick and easy meditation into such a busy life style?

That is simple, just take a moment and close your eyes. No matter what chaos is going on around you in the physical, close your eyes…take a few deep breathes and quiet your mind. Feel the energy around you calm down. Take a few more deep breaths, inhaling the positive and exhaling the negative. Now let just one positive thought come into your mind. A positive thought that really brings you joy. When it comes to your mind, smile and embrace the happiness. This action will immediately heighten your energetic vibration and calm your whole being.  Now keep that moment in your mind. This moment is now connected to the happy positive thought that came to you. So as your day goes along, and if you should feel the chaos around you closing in, quickly close your eyes and allow that happy positive thought to fill your mind. This will again lift your energetic vibration.  Repeat this cycle as often as you can throughout the day.

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