Do you have PESD – Post Election Stress Disorder?

I think many people are going into Thanksgiving with a little bit of dread. Much of the USA has PESD – Post Election Stress Disorder – and are about to sit down at a holiday meal with members of their family who voted differently from them. The stress of looming political discussions, or avoiding them at all costs, is in many people’s minds as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday.

My advice? A few things:

1. Radical self care. Do all of the stress-busting techniques you can before Thanksgiving.
2. Polite excuses. You do not have to engage in any discussions you don’t want to. You can opt out in any way that is necessary for your own sanity and peace. Change the subject. Leave the room. Play a game.
3. Have a “No Politics” rule at the table. This is highly advised if you think things will be difficult.

And most of all, focus on gratitude. Gratitude is a healing, empowering energy that brings blessings to the forefront, and washes back to you.

Here’s a list of things you can take inspiration from, just to get you started. Return to gratitude when you are feeling stressed. Did you know that it’s impossible to feel angry and grateful at the same time? You have a choice. We all do.

Starter Gratitude List:

People who you love
Fall leaves
Holding hands
Inner strength

What should you do with this list? Take each one and say it. Or add to it, personalize it. Challenge everyone to add 5 things to the list. Challenge yourself to do the same. How long can you make it? Elaborate on each one with more details.

Remember – whatever we focus our attention on grows stronger. Let it be gratitude and love.


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